Sunday, May 9, 2010

The prologue

In May 2009 I found out some friends were in need of eggs to assist in their quest to fall pregnant. Now ordinarily a family member, sibling or cousin would be called upon, however in this case my friends didn't have anyone of a blood relation who they could turn to. So I put my hand up. They didn't ask. I just offered.

I started asking my friends what I might need to do in order to be a successful candidate and they put me in contact with their IVF doctor and it all went from there.

Naturally it hasn't been completely without complication. Firstly, I was single when I offered to help, and now I am not. In July last year I met a great guy. So great, he totally supports my decision. He even encouraged me not to back out of it earlier this year. But along with his emotional support, it also means he has had to go through the process with me. OK he doesn't get the drugs, nasal sprays or injections but he does get to endure emotional ME with whatever might be en route?!?! Ha ha ha... fun times for him - tee hee!!! He's also been introduced to the wonderful navel gazing world of counselling, and been subjected to a small forest of paperwork to be signed. So his entry into my world has meant another element to respond to.

Secondly, I live in the UK and my friends live in Australia... How many bosses do you think would allow their staff to travel across the planet for five weeks and still let them work remotely for a minimal amount each week? I don't know of any others aside from mine! Seriously grateful!!!

Thirdly, I had to be assessed by the IVF specialist in Sydney. Luckily my partner and I had planned a trip to Aus in November 2009 so we went along and met the very lovely Dr Mark and he talked us through the process and we felt informed. It was actually great to get the professional opinion on the process as we had both heard quite a few horror stories. As with human nature, most people only pass on the negative stories they hear. Makes for better TV I guess?

So with the geographical challenges, a new partner, a host of medical hurdles including the effect of certain hormone drugs on flying, its been interesting just getting to the here and now!

And just to top it all off, apparently a lot of people wouldn't even consider offering this kind of donation! I might be called crazy, and I might get called a bunch of other things, so I thought I'd write this blog so that I can let you all know what's actually involved. And to give support to anyone else who might be considering the process. Now I can't say that my experience would even come close to anyone else's but at least it might shift some of the myths.

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