Monday, June 7, 2010

First things first

So it turns out I have to do a counselling session with my partner with the registered counsellor at the IVF clinic in Sydney. We can't start the process without it and its going to have to happen over the phone. After all, we live in a village in Berkshire, UK. So at midnight one Sunday a few weeks ago, my partner and I made a few calls and eventually got a good clear line to the counsellor in Sydney.

The major outcome, we were ready to go, however one issue she raised which we hadn't though about... how would we feel if our friends didn't use all the eggs and some of these fertilised and frozen eggs were destroyed? Also, how would we feel if our friends found out there was a problem with any subsequent pregnancies and decided to abort?

Interesting thoughts... glad I didn't have to make any input in to that. Heavy stuff indeed... for our friends!

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