Wednesday, June 23, 2010

First hormone test day...

***VOICEOVER***Its Day 7 in the Combine Harvester house...

So it was an early start again and a quick run through the rain in central Sydney to get to the clinic before 9am... I arrived at 9.01 but they still welcomed me in with open arms! Bless them!!!

This blood test was again barely noticeble on the pain scale, in fact more like a discomfort scale honestly. And the blood sucked out is minimal, so again, no real biggy!

I asked to speak with Anna again but she was out so I was able to speak with Carly who was SUPER! I just wanted to know if I was able to head out to my Parents (a good 4-5 hours drive out of Sydney), and I got the all clear there. I also wanted to ask about my friends egg donation predicament and what I could do to ensure my eggs were perfect. Carly told me that in fact it sounded like there was an issue with the sperm and not the eggs, especially as my mate already had 4 kids. She also told me that Dr Mark didn't like to get more than 8-10 as less and better quality was best. If the FSH works too well you may end up with more eggs of lesser quality. Good to know!

I've got to say, I am really happy to be doing this with an IVF team who sound very precise with their proedures. they don't seem to leave too much up to chance. Good times!

Did I mention that the Provera is causing bloating... can you imagine what its like with Airline travel bloating as well? Oh well, I take a Yarrow tincture made by A.Vogel. Its a dream to get rid of the bloating and subsequent pain!


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