Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday June 25th - the mouth swab

So after an early morning train back into Sydney (leaving Harden at 2.12am???), I made my way into the clinic today to have the Cystic Fibrosis check. Its just a mouth swab using a white plastic stick with a small bluntly serrated edge which they asked me to scrape 6 times each inside either side of my mouth. Easy done. All sealed up in a medically hygenic clear tube and off it goes.

I head home to knuckle down to some work as its the first day I actually feel human. I think the jetlag is finally behind me.

I headed out later in the evening to meet up with an old girlfriend for some dinner and glass of wine (I have checked with the nurses at the clinic and wine is not off the menu, just not encouraged to drink too much!)

I forgot to take my Provera with me though, so I was home very early in time to take the last of those. It appears I shall get a period sometime in the next 5 days. That will be another indicator that all is on track! (So glad I'm sharing this with you all... NOT!)

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