Thursday, June 17, 2010

Start Provera

Its Thursday the 17th of June. I need to start the Provera today. One problem. I need to take it at the same time each day. I will be in Aus on the 20th and there for the majority of the time I take Provera. So I need to make sure I take the pill on Aussie time... but I'm on my way back from Colorado. argh, there's going to be numbers involved and my brain hates numbers!

Its ok. I want to take the Provera at about 6pm each day in Aus, so what time does that make it en route back from the US to the UK? Well 6pm in Aus works out to 9am UK time and my flight gets back in at midday, so I need to take the Provera 3 hours before landing back in the UK.

Guess what. I slept through the last part of the flight and wake up just before landing and our business class beds (bad reclining chairs) have beenstuck in position and I can't access my bag to get the pill out...

Result: I end up grabbing water as soon as I land and take the pill just minutes after coming through into Heathrow Terminal 3 and meeting up with my partner. So I actually took the first Provera at approximately 9pm Aussie time.

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