Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday June 29th

Excitement of the day... NOT! I got my period and reports of a lighter deal for others in the past... not for me! Not to bore you with the details, and trust me I won't, but it was as bad as ever, if not a little worse. You see I think after 20 years or so of this 'curse', you mentally prepare yourself each month. Well this month I thought I was in for a treat so didn't really mentally prepare (no matter how subtle that preparation is, I think it is VERY real!).

Oh, and I still feel quite queasy and the stomach bloating is causing a lot of discomfort. In particular I am having trouble with reflux its so bad!

Anyhoo... two snorts on the Synarel and that's about it. Sydney is like an icicle and I am staying in!

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