Saturday, June 19, 2010

Provera day 3 on the 19th...

So where am I? I have no idea! I need to be taking the pill mid flight en route from the UK to Aus. OK so I have it calculated on flying via Bangkok... Only I'm not flying through Bangkok... I'm flying through Singapore. Does it matter? I don't know? Consult iPhone international time zones application thing-a-me-bob... argh, not sure.

The pill gets taken. I think when I was in Singapore? I can't remember. It was roughly between 7 and 8pm Aussie time. En route, I was doing battle with my cool as I was sat next to the biggest whinger on the flight but it meant I got an upgrade from Singapore to Sydney so the staff could get me away from her as she was a pest! Bless you British Airways!!! woo hoo!

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