Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday June 30th - OFFICIALLY Day one!

So I trooped off to the clinic this morning for a blood test for hormones (just a little bit of blood, and they really are the most gentle blood test folk I've ever encountered! Just a little shout out to them!!!) And was told I am officially on DAY ONE of my cycle (Seriously never really understood exactly where I was ever - must have slept through Grade 8 biology!). I was told I would get a call later in the day regarding the results and when I might start the injections. They seemed to think it will be friday. I missed a call on my phone so I will try again in the morning.

I did get a little overwhelmed on my way home. I have been away from home now for 2 weeks and before that I was away for the previous week (not to mention doing almost five day weeks in London away from home prior to that...) And..., wel..., I am getting homesick. I miss the dogs and the cat. I get really excited when I see them on Skype. I love that Murphy will jump up at the tv where my partner has the Skype set up to. I love when he turns his head to look at me when I call his name or make the silly noises he seems to get. And I miss the cuddles I get from Megan and Banjo... But most of all I really super miss Sean... hmph!

Synarel puffs morning and night!

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