Friday, June 11, 2010

Step two...

So the next step after the counselling was an appointment with the nurses at the clinic. Again, as I was in the UK it was a phone consult. I spoke to this awesome chick Anna, who just made me feel completely ok about asking a million questions over and over and over and over... again (you get the picture!)

I have these indecipherable note from that call which have a timeline of events:
17th - start taking one type of pill daily - take it the same time each day and don't deviate from that (hmmm... what time will it be on the 17th when I am supposed to take it as I will be on my way back from Colorado?!?!?)
18th - fly out to Aus - bugger... what tiem will it be during the flights that I need to keep taking this pill??? Doh!!!
20th - arrive in Aus
21st - Blood test to see if I am carrying any scary diseases which are communicable by eggs... OMG, what have I got. My head goes into tail spin at the thought that I may have some sketchy disease which will derail the whole operation.... Breathe!
23rd - more bloods to see the hormone levels
24th - start taking the nasal spray hormone suppressant..........................


ok, breathe. Hang up phone, stop panicking and start working out time zones!

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