Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 15 of this process, day 2 of my cycle, July 1st... and its a thursday!

Another pretty uneventful day in the process. Synarel and not much else. Spoke to the nurse at the clinic and I am due to go in tomorrow and start the injections.

The bloating has gotten a little out of control. At about 3pm I decided to take a walk to Bondi. It's a beautiful walk along the coastline and there are beautiful coves, beaches and cliff tops to walk along. I headed off with a stomach which seemed to refuse to accept the sandwich I had eaten for lunch. I was feeling in limbo between the digestion of food and the potential evacuation defying gravity! My guts were the size fo a five month pregnant woman and I was not happy!

Instead of the one hour walk it should normally take I took it at a leisurely stroll and ended up taking 2 hours to get to Bondi and arrived just as the sun had set and the super chill set in. Happily I met up with my friend who drove me back home and even more happily, I was slightly cured of the pain from the bloating as it appears the slow old walk helped get that sandwich down...!!!

I would be much happier taking the Yarrow tincture and settling my stomach, however I have been assured that by taking it I could put the process in jeopardy, and I am NOT prepared to do that!

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