Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Egg Collection Day (and Bastille Day)

I woke up this morning, slowly. I wasn't overly enthusiastic getting up and getting ready and getting to the clinic. I just couldn't seem to get in the frame of mind to relax and just accept the day ahead. I felt like I was fighting it all mentally. And for those who know me, thats not really normal. I'm normally the girl who just gets in and does whatever needs doing. Am I losing my gumption?

So I made it in to the clinic for 10.30am and needed to sign some more paperwork, you know the usual pre-op type stuff, and then shown into the changing rooms. I was then taken into the surgical ward and directed into a cubicle with a big comfy recliner. It was about half an hour while I sat there and luckily I had picked up a copy of Who magazine with the article about Marion who had just been eliminated from Masterchef. I was trying to use the article as a way of calming myself and relaxing into what was about to happen. Unfortunately I think I had already talked myself into a mild state of anxiety. How very much unlike me!

So the procedure was done in about 20 mins. I was told I probably wouldn't remember much of it and I seem to have wiped out the discomfort I felt but I do know I was not a happy camper throughout. When I had to lay back in the chair they took me to in the surgical room, I started crying and I pretty much didn't stop until about 30 minutes after the procedure finished. When the doctor showed me the follicles on the ultrasound screen it made me cry. When the scientist pulled up on the big screen the first of the healthy eggs and everyone was really happy, I cried! And I did realise that I seemed to have the lower section of my abdomen completely tensed up. So I tried a bit of breathing and whatever I could but not much seemed to help. I also watched the ultrasound screen and the big screen to see the follicles get drained and the subsequent eggs come up on the big screen. But not much distracted me from the discomfort of what I was going through. I was sedated and I was still tense? Honestly I really was feeling like a mess. I also thought I was reaching my limit of what I could handle. I did think that if the doctor didn't hurry up I was going to have to tell him to stop. Anyway, as if he was a mind reader it was all over.

The doctor and nurse helped me back into the wheelie recliner and I was taken back down the hall to recovery. I felt so silly. I was lying in the chair and quietly sobbing while people passed me in the hall. I wanted to say that I was ok, but I just couldn't stop crying. Back in the recovery cubicle I lost the ability to hold in the tears and let out a good balling for what seemed an eternity. Two nurses were with me and we joked about God being a man. Eventually the tears passed and the nurses explained that the sobbing was very normal at this time as it was to do with the hormones and the sedation. It made me feel a little better but really I just felt bad that maybe other people out in the other cubicles might hear me and get freaked out before their procedures. To be honest, I don't think so though!

I was brought tea and big thick raisin toast with lashings of butter. Nothing could have comforted me more than that. Apart from maybe some company, and it wasn't far off. My mate Dale, the one I had been with on Saturday night came in to collect me and she sat with me while they worked out what pain meds to give me. Also, the nurse from the clinic, Carly who I had been dealing with also came to see how I was going. I was so grateful she came by. It made me feel like I was more than a donor, but I had been a person too. The clinic really were great at treating me very well!

The sedation and the locals were wearing off and the two Panadeine tablets I had taken were not taking effect. I was eventually also given a morphine tablet as I was in some pretty major pain. I had been told to expect severe period pain but this was something else. Pain in the same region but on a constant and heightened level. Thankfully the morphine tab did its job and it wasn't long before Dale had helped me dress and we were off. I was floating, naturally and I was delivered back to my favourite Sydney lounge with chocolate, water, chips and flavoured mineral water. Comfort food plus.

I spent the rest of this evening in mild discomfort. I took a couple of Panadeine Forte about 7pm and was in bed by midnight. I was told that if I was active it would further stimulate the empty follicle sacs and the remaining immature ones which were not ready for collection. Fingers crossed I feel a bit better in the morning.

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