Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5th - Sean's birthday

July 5th, monday morning and another early morning trip into the clinic for a blood hormone test and time to get another nurse to give me the injection (my mate wasn't awake when I left for the clinic and timings of injection meant it was better to get the nurse to do it when I had the blood test).

I also have a counselling session at the clinic with my friend who will be receiving my eggs. Its another part of the process and a legal requirement (I think). Its certainly another expense to the whole process. Boy am I happy my body seems to work ok. This is an expensive process for my friends to go through!

So when I went in to the clinic today I talked to the nurse about how I wasn't able to do my own injections. She suggested I practice and gave me a demo pen and some spare needles and told me to practice on an orange at home.

I went to the counselling session and it was good. Nothing very new was raised. Just re-itterated alot of the earlier info. Having said that, I quite like the sessions and think for me, verbalising the issues makes them easier to cope with. So when I need to talk about feeling used or abandoned after the egg donation process , then its out there. And talking about how I would feel if the process is successful and a little person is born and looks a lot like me... how I might feel about that. Its all good to get it out there! And talking about what if they don't get any eggs from me... yikes, how guilty would I feel?!?! Really guilty! Anyway, its sometimes hard discussions which are the ones which you really need to have to make sure you stay on an even keel as much as possible! Now thats a little life lesson isn't it!?

Now, the other big thing for me today is that I it is my partner;s birthday. He's in the UK and going to work, but I am not there. Now whether it is time spent away or hormone levels or what, I am really feeling guilty and generally quite sad that I am not there today. He is a great, really great guy and does a lot for me. He helps me be a batter person and I can never thank him enough, but I'm not there! I feel like a pretty lame girlfriend today. I also went into a tail spin as I couldn't get hold of him when I thought I should be able to and all sorts of REALLY irrational thoughts went through my head. It was unfounded but I could feel myself walking on very shaky ground all afternoon until he woke up and gave me a call. He slept in and turned the phone off, so my over active imagination decided to make up some convoluted thoughts, and BANG... I was going a-wol on normal rational thought! Damn hormones!

Two Synarel puffs today too!

I also spent some time injecting a lime with the demo water medipen last night. Its actually quite easy to do when you know the lime doesn't have any nerves and therefore you can't cause pain! So tomorrow, I am going to gie it a go! I can do this!!!

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  1. Hun you know how great you are, he's supporting you through this and one birthday without you won't matter in the big scheme of things!

    I know first hand what a great person you are, so trust me!!