Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Injection number 5... Did I or didn't I?

OK, I woke up this morning after doing a few practise injections on a poor unsuspecting lime last night and voila... I think I can do the injection myself!

So while I was still a little sleepy and therefore not as panicky as I can get, I did it. And I made myself bleed! And I bruised myself... Rookie error on the bleeding part. I was still holding my stomach fat taut when I took the needle out so there was a little trickle of blood. Freaky! I also twisted the pen inside me as I changed hands so I could easily depress the end of the pen. So I ended up with a bruise. But... I DID IT! woo hoo!!!

So how happy am I? Pretty happy. I didn't waste anyone else's time and all is well with the world!

Pretty mellow day apart from that. I went to the library and did some work while listening to an almighty heavy rain storm outside. Then I came home to my wonderful mate's home cooked yummy soup!

All round a good day!

Synarel morning and night.

Oh, and the bloating has actually calmed since last week!

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