Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday, please be the day of good news!?!?!

OK so as this blog title indicates, I am no longer enamoured with this process at all! In fact I am dreading each day. Sunday reminded me what the first three and a half months of pregnancy were lie for me... one constant hangover. It was awful!

So this morning I traipsed off to the clinic. I snorted my Synarel in the morning and took the medipen in to the clinic so I could get the nurse to administer for me.

I had the blood test as usual and then went in for the ultrasound. Luckily it was a familiar nurse doing the ultrasound so I felt comfortable. She counted up quite a few good sized eggs and suggested it might be the trigger injection tonight. Although they might hold off, you never can tell. She also did my Gonal f injection for me.

I was feeling pretty sketchy from the nausea and the fatigue (did I mention I barely slept last night. 5 hours max!). Anyway, I managed to get a birthday present bought and made it home.

I got the call from the clinic about 2pm to say I was all good for the trigger injection tonight and that I was down for egg collection Wednesday at 11am. That meant I had to take the trigger injection tonight at 11pm. So I packed a ba and headed over to my friend's house (the egg recipients) so that they could give me the final injection. It was just a stomach one but in a serious looking needle and for some reason I was just not interested at all in giving it to myself.

So with that taken, I was off to bed. No more Synarel needed either! Woo hoo one step closer! How many eggs will they get? Now if only I can sleep!?

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