Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 3rd - the 2nd of injection days...

So I went into the clinic at some ungodly hour this morning to have my 2nd injection. It was a very different waiting room today. Lots of couples. I guess the partner can easier make it in on the weekend so there were plenty of them! I saw a different nurse today. There seemed to be a lot of new faces in the staff. No matter, I just wanted to go in, have the nurse watch me and guide me through giving myself the injection.

Despite my reservations over the self injection process I was certain I should master this part of the process. So I prepped the medipen and I cleaned off my skin. Then I took a disposable needle point and screwed it on to the pen. At this point I would like to re-itterate that I am not comfortable at all. For some reason, my normally steely reserve has turned to mush regarding the injections. Nevertheless I carry on by removing the first protective cap on the needle. Then the second. And with one look at that needle I simply handed the needle to the nurse and said she must inject me...

Where are you steely reserve??????

What a woose!

Needless to say I felt low. I also felt emotional about it. Not only am I caving at the pressure of giving myself and injection, but I'm also getting emotional about it?! I mean, come on?!?!?

My friend who I am staying with has suggested she should give me the injection tomorrow. It will be Sunday and she offers so I am not getting up at a stupid early time to get in to the clinic. She seems very firm and totally ok with giving the needle. So I say yes.

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