Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday July 11th

Well I had a really easy night in with some friends and their two little boys (2 and 5 yr olds). I was supposed to babysit but once my friends saw me and decided to stay in and keep me company. I guess I was a bit of an emotional wreck. I curled up on ther sofa and we got fish and chips and watched movies. Bless them!

Now one of the reasons I hit a heavy low yesterday was also because I got a call from the clinic about lunchtime to tell me that they wanted me to keep going on the meds and come in Monday for another blood test and ultrasound. The doctor wanted the eggs to get a little bit bigger before collection. So Wednesday collection at the earliest. Damn it!

So Sunday started out with a snort of Synarel and a shot in my belly of the Gonal f. Then I was off to the movies with my mate and her 5 yr old (Toy Story 3 is a hoot!).

We followed up with a coffee down at Balmoral and all was going well until about midday. I started to ramp up a bit and after we dropped the little fella home and went to do some shopping, it all went down hill. I progressively felt worse to the point of nausea, headache and head spins. Lets just say we had to take a seat, get some water and look for the nearest bathroom in case I needed to make a puke run! Gross but true. My mate then returned me home (well my temporary Coogee base).

The rest of the evening was very quiet. I came home to my friend Bridie cooking a chicken roast and as I stayed still and calm and had a yummy meal, my body settled and I was off to bed.

Synarel before bed too.

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  1. a nice roast chicken cooked by a dear friend can ease a multitude of ills! i'm glad to hear you're being SOOOOOO well looked after! just think of how much love is going into these here eggs - not just from two people makin' a baby, but a whole village it seems! you're a star, moz, for going through this - and i'm so sure it will be all worth it! hang in there! almost done...