Friday, July 2, 2010


Ok so I went in to the clinic this morning and sat down with Nurse Anna, and we went through the injection schedule and process. She gave me a pack of 4 boxes of Gonal f which each contain a medipen with the meds already loaded up, and the relevant paraphenalia ie, screw on needle tips. They also send you home with the trigger injection which is to be taken 36 hours before the harvest (or collection as it is written on my Cycle diary). That is a full on proper looking injection. I'm going to my friend's house for her to do that one as I am most certainly NOT doing it myself! They also put little swabs etc in the bag for you so that you can clean the skin where you inject and all that. So you are very well set up to go ahead. Now... can I do it myself?

I've been contemplating giving myself the injections (the general practice), however I seem to be baulking at the thought. Its not like these are particularly scary injections. They are the little medipens used by diabetics the world over. They have been used for years and they really aren't that big of a deal... I just don't like the idea of hurting myself! Oh well, not to bother as I can go in each day for the next 10-12 days and have the injections done by one of the nurses. Or... I could just 'man-up' and do it myself?

So this morning I asked Anna to do it for me and it really wasn't particularly difficult nor painful. But as we spoke afterwards, Anna asked how I was going with everything... and my instant response was that I missed Sean and to my total surprise, I promptly burst into tears (mildly stifled by my hands thrust over my face in total embarrassment that I was sobbing!?) Naturally Anna has seen this kind of behaviour plenty of times before, and she explained where they were keeping me, hormone wise, and that it was a natural response to feel a heightened sense of emotion at this time...

But it doesn't help that I miss Sean!!!

Naturally I did what any woman may do on this occasion... I went shopping and ate three donuts! (And the donuts were GOOOD!)


  1. hey lovely,

    wow! this is a pretty amazing journey for you to be on. thanks for inviting me to share it with you. take care and i'll look forward to the updates


  2. Thanks Cath, more than happy to have you along for the ride.